May 24, 2009

CK MacLeod really needs to work on his tone.

Why, it's not that I think he should shut up per se, it's that I think he might offend someone with his non-inclusiveness.  Stalwart Republican thinkers like David Frum, Meggy Mac, and Colin Powell just to name a few.  He needs to learn the base may be important window dressing, but they really aren't thinkers.  Not like us. 

Independents are important.  While they may not care enough to donate to a campaign, volunteer for said campaign, or provide the grassroots infrastructure necessary for a successful campaign, they provide something better: cultural cover.  And by that I mean, they allow us to seem more "cool," as the kiddos say these days.  Individual rights?  Not cool.  Respecting the unborn?  Also not cool.  Expecting our leaders to value philosophy over rhetoric?  The most uncool of all.  Who bases things on a grounding philosophy anymore?  So 18th century.

We need more leaders like Colin Powell to attract these valuable independents.  Like them, he knows the importance of not really having any grounded principles, voting based on important concerns like skin color or an ability to read pretty words off a teleprompter, and perhaps most crucial, a politician's ability to sound tolerant of other opinions (even if he or she isn't).

I've always longed to be part of a political party that had absolutely no parameters set for inclusion (even supporting said party in presidential races.)  After all, Powell knows best.  Had we listened to him, the GOP would have nominated a moderate to run in 2008, instead of conservative firebrand John McCain. 

Good luck Gen. Powell, and by all means, CK, shut up. 

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