March 13, 2009

Another reason to love Mark Levin

This exchange, paraphrased from Thursday night's show...

Dem caller: You insulted the president!  How dare you call him an idiot.

Levin: Well, I think he is an idiot and he's a bad president.  Whatcha think about that, you drone!?

Dem caller:  He's only been in office 52 days!  You haven't given him a chance!

Levin:  Do you think this idiot's doing a great job?

Dem caller:  I think he's doin' a good job, yeah!

Levin:  So you can think he's doing a good job, but if I say I think he's doing a bad job, I get "He's only been in office 52 days.  That's not enough time to judge."  How the hell does that make any sense?!
Ah, indeed.  How does that make sense?  But Mark should realize that we're living in a sound bite culture, and he should really be more careful with his words.  Wouldn't want to turn off idgit voters

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