October 07, 2008

A thousand cuts

Rick Moran says that criticizing Obama for his connections with Ayers is an "exercise in futility", because the voters don't care, because the economy is all that is on their minds.  Yes and no.  If people are hoping that Ayers is going to be Willie Horton or the Swift Boats, they probably are deluding themselves...admittedly stranger things have happened, but I'm guessing it isn't going to happen.  It's also not an "exercise in futility" either. 

Odds are, we aren't going to see a singular successful line of attack.  This is going to have to be won bit by bit, person by person.  We have to do whatever we can to make people aware of what Obama is, and how radical he is.  Elections in the modern era are often won simply on how likable a candidate is, and Obama, in the shallowest sense, is likable.  Not likable for us, because we know what he actually is, but for others, the first guy in this parody is a good example of that principle at work,

McCain has to do his part.  I think he should have waited until the debate to attack Obama for his connections to the shady players in the subprime market, and Fannie/Freddie, that would have given him the chance to explain it to the people, unfiltered through the media.  No matter, probably a stylistic difference. 

In any case, McCain's got to flip things around and make people aware that this is a Democrat-caused disaster.  He needs to explain what actually happened, and why Obama would be a disaster.  We're going to have to keep him from doing anything that's political suicide as well.  People need to learn about Barney Frank's role, the big players in Freddie/Fannie, and people like Penny Pritzker.  They need to know that these people are closely tied to the Obama campaign. 

They need to know about these shady players in the subprime crisis and Obama's close relation to them, and why the market is better than Marxism, because that will be the way we crack the wall.  As long as Obama maintains control of the economy as an issue, it'll be next to impossible to win.  Once we can at least partially take it from him, then connections to people Ayers and Rezko will start mattering, and issues like Life, the Second Amendment, defense, military policy, personal character and other issues start mattering.  We're also going to have to act as enforcers and keep any quisling GOPers from acting as useful idiots and playing the race card for an approving media and Beltway...looking at you, Frum, Parker and Dreher.

We're going to have to be reporters and our own media too.  We used to be able to shame the media into reporting things.  Not anymore. they've flipped the switch and are now Pravda USA.  The importance of spreading information by word of mouth cannot be understated.  Volunteer for the McCain campaign and/or down ticket people if you can.  Have links written down or printed somewhere or bookmarked to hand off or send to people. No reason we can't reverse the current course, but it won't be easy.

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