April 12, 2010

Now I have to go to KFC. Just when I'd been turned into a Popeye's fan.

When something involves both bacon and pissing off Teh Won and his Klingon bride, how can I say no?

We give you the KFC Double Down, two slabs of fried chicken and melted cheese all squeezed around a sacred centerpiece — two pieces of bacon. The breadless sandwich that some are calling “angina on a plate” debuts at KFC restaurants on Monday. If customers order the Original Recipe variety, their Double Down will pack 540 calories, 32 grams of fat and 1,380 milligrams of sodium, according to KFC.

 This is will not make Michelle Obama very happy.


Of course, the timing of KFC’s guilty pleasure is giving chest pains and meat sweats to nutritionists. As we’re simultaneously advised and chided how and what to eat to protect our arteries, the Double Down stares down anti-obesity campaigners like the First Lady — and does it with a bold, greasy smirk.

Dinner tomorrow?  Oh, I think so.

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