November 29, 2008

From the guys who brought you Bacon Salt..., there's Baconnaise.  Yes, bacon-flavored mayonnaise.  In these trying times, it's nice to know that someone is looking out for us.  By making things taste like bacon.

(Thanks to mesa.)

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November 27, 2008

Fess up, which one of you Morons did this?

Behold!  Turbaconducken!

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November 24, 2008

Bacon Flavoured Chocolate Bar Selling Out in Britain

Maybe the Brits aren't entirely lost to good sense and priorities:

The unusual chocolate bar, called Mo's Bacon Bar, contains chunks of applewood smoked bacon combined with smoked salt and milk chocolate.

Despite a price tag of £5.99 per 3oz, Selfridges – the only UK stockist – has sold its entire stock of several hundred bars within 48 hours.

The department store has ordered more supplies for its four outlets, to be sold in time for the christmas period.

The American manufacturer Vosges Haut-Chocolat, based in Chicago, encourages first-time buyers to "engage your five senses … let the lust of salt and sweet coat your tongue".

Ewan Venters, food and restaurant director at Selfridges, said: "Bacon and chocolate sounds like a strange combination, but the execution is fantastic. It's a real explosion of flavours and people love it.

Venters was then beaten nearly to death by several enraged Muslims for mentioning the racist word "explosion." 

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Bacon ice cream!

Bacon ice cream!

That's right, bacon. The bacon ice cream has small chunks of actual bacon in it, which puts some people off it entirely, but fans have likened the texture to pecans.
Anyone who's put off by pieces of bacon is nobody I want to meet.

(And yes, I'm aware that it's old.  I can read date stamps just as well as the rest of you.)

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November 23, 2008


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Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt!

So, being the good child that I am, (I can hear all of you laughing. Stop that), I am going to church with my parents this morning. I'm hoping the lightning will take out any potential screaming children. I'm such a tolerant, caring, compassionate person. Seriously, I deserve a medal or something.

Anyway, I shall continue my streak of adding Fine Quality Content by providing you with this. A recipe for Maple Bacon Cupcakes with Maple Frosting.  You'll want to read it just for the illustration of the Goddess of Bacon. 

You're welcome.

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November 22, 2008

Two great tastes that go great together

Bacon donuts!

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This post is bacon-related and NSFW

That means I know you'll read it.  Guys (and alexthechick-like girls), the most glorious thing you'll ever see is below the fold.  It may be old, but who cares.  It's the weekend. 

So prepare yourselves, then click "more."


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November 19, 2008

I like Daniel Craig better now

I wasn't crazy about the idea of a blond James Bond, and Daniel Craig isn't as...pretty in a masculine way as the previous Bonds. But I'm liking him a whole lot better since I read this:

Daniel Craig (aka James Bond) requested that British bacon be flown to him in Italy while shooting Quantum of Solace. Besides contributing to the reckless slaughter of animals, Craig is totally pissing off mother earth. Seriously? Flying in bacon from England?
Anyone who can piss off PETA goes up at least one notch in my book - the Olsen twins' utter disdain for PETA's histrionics has actually turned me into a little bit of a  fan - but to do it in such a Gaiaraping fashion as Daniel Craig deserves some extra-special recognition.

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November 17, 2008

Bacon: Is there anything it can't do?

Since there isn't enough newsworthy shit out there to even put together an Obama's Fault post*, I provide you this notably un-newsworthy bit of what-the-fuck:

Mmmmm. iPhone wrapped in bacon.

No, I'm not kidding. Although you might be tempted to eat it, just drool over it.

The product page is in German, but a quick pass through a translator gives us the gist of what we need to know -- and that's that this case is unique and available for just about any kind of electronic device from camera to iPhone. Oh, and the iPhone is not included -- neither is the frying pan, as far as I can tell.

That's right.  Bacon i-Pod case ftw.

* - Actually, I think I may be able to put together enough examples of enemy countries getting ballsier to produce a post but it is really pretty frightening stuff.  Seriously. Buy a gun.

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November 13, 2008

Just. Plain. Wrong.

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November 11, 2008


Seems fitting that bacon has a category unto itself, so I've made a new category for it.  So, what's the story for first baconblogging post?  This.  Country fried bacon served with country gravy for dipping.  This bit of bacon-y goodness is being served in Chicago, of all places.  If you're in Illinois, try some before Daley bans them.

Update: Oddly enough, here's a video from Slublog of pretty much the same menu item in Texas, so you can go somewhere to get your country fried bacon fix without the risk of getting mowed down in a drive-by or mugging,

One more thing I just saw, and, this is perfect for Veterans Day.  J&D's, the makers of Bacon Salt and Baconnaise, have launched Operation Bacon Salt, where you can buy Bacon Salt at discount prices, said Bacon Salt is then sent overseas to our servicemen.  Awesome.

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