November 17, 2008

Bacon: Is there anything it can't do?

Since there isn't enough newsworthy shit out there to even put together an Obama's Fault post*, I provide you this notably un-newsworthy bit of what-the-fuck:

Mmmmm. iPhone wrapped in bacon.

No, I'm not kidding. Although you might be tempted to eat it, just drool over it.

The product page is in German, but a quick pass through a translator gives us the gist of what we need to know -- and that's that this case is unique and available for just about any kind of electronic device from camera to iPhone. Oh, and the iPhone is not included -- neither is the frying pan, as far as I can tell.

That's right.  Bacon i-Pod case ftw.

* - Actually, I think I may be able to put together enough examples of enemy countries getting ballsier to produce a post but it is really pretty frightening stuff.  Seriously. Buy a gun.

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