December 08, 2008

Bacon FAIL!

Yes, you read that right. Those two words are seldom paired here (or anywhere that I know of, for that matter) but it can happen...

British shoppers were left in the dark after the Food Standards Agency (FSA) failed to publish a list of pork, bacon and ham products that may be tainted with cancer-causing dioxins, even as it emerged that most of the suspect meat exported from the Republic of Ireland in the past three months — 4,462 tonnes — came to the UK.

The crisis over Irish pigmeat products has spread across the world and shelves were cleared yesterday of suspect produce in 21 countries, including China, Russia and Japan. Imports from the Republic are suspended.

In Ireland, amid warnings that 6,000 workers could be laid off, the incident has become a political row as a cull of 100,000 pigs was delayed by a row over compensation. In Britain, however, people were given no help to identify contaminated products that may be in their fridges or freezers. Instead, the food watchdog merely reiterated its advice that even though risks to human health were very low, consumers should not eat pigmeat produced either in the Republic or in Northern Ireland.

So, um, what exactly are they supposed to eat for breakfast? I mean, it's the most important meal of the day, and everyone knows that a balanced breakfast includes some kind of pork product.

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