December 03, 2009

Your stimulus dollars at work

Some dork at a school district near Mesa, AZ stuck SETI@Home on a bunch of the district's computers in 2000.

This isn't that outrageous - I can say for a fact that there were multiple FAA computers that were running SETI@Home as of a few years ago, and may still be running them. What's outrageous is that the district is saying it's going to cost a million bucks to pull SETI@Home off its computers.

To put this in perspective, Denver Public Schools is the 38th largest district in the nation with over 150 schools and has 17,000 computers in-district. Higley Unified School District has ten schools. The district claims that they have 5,000 computers that have SETI@Home installed.

Yeah, no math on this blog, but...

$1,000,000 ÷ 5,000 = $200 per computer.  To remove something that has a clean uninstall that takes a couple of minutes.

Wouldn't this be cheaper if we just took away all their computers?

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