January 17, 2010

Who's this guy campaigning for?

Hey, Barry, that's not helping:

President Obama warned Massachusetts voters Sunday from following Republican Scott Brown's old pickup truck around the state, saying if elected to the U.S. Senate, Brown will drive health care and the rest of the Democratic agenda off track.
Um, yeah, that's kind of the whole point, now isn't it?
Obama is personally popular in the state, but his job approval rating is 48 percent. Only 36 percent of Massachusetts voters approve of the health care bill wending its way through Congress.
Let's hope that the other 64 percent goes out and votes like crazy on Tuesday. One detail from the article that gives me hope that this might actually happen is that the rally "was not the typical Obama function" with the auditorium "only partly filled." For a contrast, see here for photos of today's Brown rally in Worcester, courtesy of Andy at The H2.

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