November 10, 2009

What's Next? Apologizing To The Moon For Us Landing On It?

Why do I have a feeling this will just end up as another Apology Tour Stop?

Look, I do not want to see any US President go over to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, piss on the memorials there, and otherwise mock the Japanese for what happened. But I sure as hell cannot tolerate apologizing to Japan for doing whatever we needed to stop the war. Besides, Japan has not exactly been willing to apologize to her neighbors for shit like the Comfort Women, the Rape of Nanking, the Bataan Death March, and so on, so why the fuck should we apologize for winning and stopping the slaughter? Yeah, the A-Bombs and the destruction the produced were horrible, but so fucking what? Harry Truman felt compelled to do what he needed to do, and he fucking did it. And the worst war the world had ever seen came to an end because of it.

Jeebus Titty Fucking My Friend's Stepmom In The Hayloft Christ, what the fuck is wrong with the leftist mindset that they feel compelled to apologize for every fucking thing out there, except insulting domestic political opponents?  What the fuck is wrong with American Exceptionalism, American Freedom, and the triumph of those ideals that they must apologize for it, do whatever they can to rein it in, or try to avoid mentioning it in anything but the vaguest of terms? And what the fuck is wrong with the leftist mindset that they would rather see us lowered to the level of the rest of the world than see the rest of the world elevated to our standards? I mean, if you think Cuba or Europe are such fucking awesome places to emulate, then fucking live there. You won't see us shooting at you if you try to leave.

Gah! This pile of horseshit is so aggravating, where will it stop? Where else, for what, and to whom will Obama apologize next? Your guess is as good as mine.

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