January 27, 2009

What's In YOUR Wallet?

When I came home from work last night, I flipped on the news and saw this live confirmation of Tim Geithner as Treasury Secretary. The way the audience reacted you would have thought Geithner just gave the State of the Union address. It made me ill.

However, I was stunned when I began reading the vote in the Senate. Cornyn (R-TX)? Corker (R-TN)? Shelby (R-AL)? YES!??? I cannot believe that Geithner's tax cheating was dismissed as no big deal. It is insulting to every taxpayer in this country. Outrage doesn't begin to describe my reaction. Confirming him is the equivalent of confirming Ray Nagin as the head of FEMA. What were they thinking?

So I've been sulking all day about this, letting the reality of this sink in and then I read this. (I must be a glutton for punishment.)

In an age of bailouts, Geithner is the original Bailout Czar. It was Geithner, after all, who was the instrumental figure in arranging JP Morgan’s takeover of Bear Stearns, a deal in which $29 billion of taxpayer money was pledged as a backstop against illiquid and toxic assets.

It wasn’t Hank Paulson, but rather Tim Geithner who put together the plan to have the government rescue AIG, to the tune of $85 billion and growing.

It has been widely noted Geithner was in favor of stepping in with taxpayer dollars to save Lehman Brothers. I guess it’s pretty easy to spend taxpayer dollars when you aren’t even paying your own taxes.
Do you hear that sound? It's the sound of what is left of your money being ripped from your wallets to pay for a nationalized banking system courtesy of the same man that certain Republicans thought just made a simple mistake on his taxes.

So perhaps a new movement is in order. Instead of sending bricks or bags of tea to Congress as a sign of revolt, perhaps we should start mailing them empty wallets that have an enclosed note that says "THIS is what's in my wallet, you thief!"

Meanwhile, I'm thinking of just ordering a bunch of these name tags to wear every day for the next four years.  What do you think? Appropriate?

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