August 27, 2010


So I was all upset with Obama because he wouldn't allow some Korean Garands into the country because terrorists and gang-bangers are all clamoring for 10lb, 3 1/3 feet long, 8 round clip capacity battle rifles.
Because they're so easy to get through the gun show loophole or something.
So here's an update.
I think.
I don't know the blogger and he(?) quotes an anonymous person from ODCMP.
For what it's worth, he says that the Korean Garands are actually owned by the US already, they were given under a lend/lease sort of deal.
So they need to return them to the US who would then sell them to CMP to get some more Garands into the country.
Which I'm pretty sure won't happen until after the current admin is not in charge, so I hope Korea can hang onto them for another couple years.
No Garand should ever be destroyed.
Besides, Korea might need them if the poofy haired maniac's successor needs a war to cement his claim.

It sounds plausible, that's why I'm passing it on. I just hate being Shep Smith and passing on every unsourced thing I see.
If it's wrong, blame Say Uncle .

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