June 23, 2009

The personal is presidential

I was talking to my brother last night, and he pointed me to this article on the tobacco legislation that Obama signed. He said something to the effect of "Man, have you noticed how this guy makes sure to insert himself into every issue, as if it's all about him?"

I had to chastise my own brother for being unfair to Obama, unfortunately.

"That's just not true," I told him. "About half of the time, he talks about how Bush is to blame for whatever policy clusterfuck he's actually responsible for."

My brother is actually just as much of a Right-Wing hatemonger as you and I, so he conceded the point. Gracefully, I might add.

Sometimes, I'm not sure whether or not the fact that I have no close relatives who happen to be hippie scum is a blessing or a hindrance. I mean, sure, I don't need the domestic violence charges from family dinners, but I could stand to sharpen my debating skills.

Oh, and here's something stupid from the linked article:

The law also requires that tobacco companies fully disclose ingredients and additives, stop targeting youth with their marketing campaigns, quit using terms such as "light," "low" and "mild" to market their products, and include warning labels on packaging that dominate the front and rear panels.
Yes, because smokers (like me) have no idea that our habit is bad for our health. I mean, it's not like anyone has warned us about the dangers posed by what we choose to do, right?

Let me add a few more things below the fold...

I have no idea whether or not tobacco companies are "targeting youth" through their current advertising (such as it is, seeing as how the government restricts where and how they can advertise), but there are gonna be kids who want to smoke before they're eighteen. 

I can goddamn well assure you that Joe Camel never made me want to light one up, even though I saw him in countless magazine ads playing pool with his buddies.  His face resembled a cock and balls, for fuck's sake.  Not.  My.  Cup.  Of.  Tea.

I wanted to smoke as a teen because it was a poke in the eye to my parents and teachers.  Is that a cliche?  You bet your ass it is, but it's gonna keep happening until tobacco is banned, and you can bet your ass that's what Obama and his buddies want to happen, at least until they (they being the trial lawyers) can milk as much money as possible out of the manufacturers. 

Oh, and let's take a moment to savor how they just keep telling us that we can pay for healthcare if we keep raising the taxes on tobacco.  Nevermind that if you keep raising the taxes, you drive people away from buying the product.  Smartest.  People.  EVAR!!!!!!

Oh, and you foax who enjoy those drinks like a bottled "Lynchburg Lemonade" or "Hard Lemonade," you're next.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

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