May 20, 2009

Thai tranny hookers

Whoever's deciding what goes on the front page of is obviously reading Ace. Latest NIH outrage: Thai tranny hookers. Yes, really.

The two-year project, made possible by a grant from the NIH's National Institute on Drug Abuse, is also studying kathoey, the transgender prostitutes who are widely accepted in Thailand because of the "karmic idea in Buddhism," and who have especially high HIV infection rates, according to the study's abstract.
No math blah blah blah...

$2,600,000 for studying the mating behavior of drunken Chinese hookers
     400,000 for studying the mating behavior of gay Argentinian males
     357,000 for providing post-traumatic stress to New York
+   178,000 for studying Thai tranny hookers

$3,357,000 ÷ $7,500 = 471.3

$7,500 is the cost of providing one scholarship to one student in the DC Opportunity Fund that Obama nuked.

For the cost of terrifying NYC, plus the cost of asking gay South American men why they like to get drunk and screw random strangers, plus the cost of training Chinese pimps to keep their hos in line, plus the cost of studying Thai tranny hookers, 471 children in one of the worst school districts in America could have received a year of quality education.

Hell, Thai tranny hookers has only been mentioned 268 times at the Head Moron's.

Is anyone else of the opinion that the NIH was told, "You're getting THIS MUCH budget, you'd better be damned sure you spend it!"?

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