August 11, 2009

Sauce for the Goose

Outrageous! Fucking outrageous.

How dare anyone bring a politician's family into the issue. And CHILDREN? FUCKING MONSTERS.

Wait. Weren't they on stage with him at the convention? Oh, that means its okay to make rape jokes about them on national television. Didn't the White House get the memo?

Besides, what does a differing set of rules for the elite have to do with the debate about nationalizing health care? Surely our health care will be separate but EQUAL.

Disagree? You're a fucking racist.

Update: Until I get my links fixed, here is the quote about what they put in an advertisement opposed different standards of education for elites:

The posters went up last week, 14 in Union Station. On each of the large displays, a thought bubble rises up from a picture of a beautiful 8-year-old: "President Obama's daughters get healthy school lunches. Why don't I?"

Update:Here is a link. Note that I don't necessarily agree with expanding school lunches. I'm just pointing out the obvious double standard and remarkable think-skinnedness of the Obama Administration.

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