February 16, 2009


We've all been focused on how Obama is leading us down the road to domestic ruin with the Spendulus bill, but, surely, his foreign policy team is keeping us safe with new and different Hopeychangey ideas:

In a slap at her predecessors, Clinton made it clear she believes that the Bush administration's decision to walk away from an agreement negotiated during her husband's administration -- the 1994 Agreed Framework -- helped create the current crisis over North Korea's stash of nuclear weapons.

"The Agreed Framework was torn up on the basis of the concerns about the highly-enriched-uranium program," Clinton said. "There is no debate that, once the Agreed Framework was torn up, the North Koreans began to reprocess plutonium with a vengeance because all bets were off. The result is they now have nuclear weapons, which they did not have before."

And there was no debate whatsoever over the fact that "The Agreed Framework" was based on a thin tissue of lies that your husband wanted to hear in order to believe that he'd found a solution to an international problem rather than placing a Band-Aid on it?  Right?

The Funniest End of Civilization EVAR is going to be a lot funnier from somewhere far from the West Coast, right?  Okay, then, I'll be moving to Nebraska.

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