January 20, 2009

Obama's Fault: Inaugural Edition

Obama's fault today?  I'm struck with an overwhelming melancholy after it became official.  I think there are several reasons for this but the most striking is the feeling that a truly important and amazing era of my life and United States history is over and that the next era will bring with it much more terror and desperation than we have seen in half a century.

Our enemies are emboldened, our allies content with our self-castration and our fellow citizens apparently eager to bankrupt the treasury in exchange for a little Hope and Change.

It is imperative that we hound this man on policy and culture and in every other way that will lead to his defeat in 2012.  While he cannot destroy a country in four years it is evident that by the next election he will have laid the groundwork for America's permanent removal from the pantheon of great and powerful nations.  By then he will have had time to devestate our military, abandon any overseas commitments that may have racist overtones, start at least half a dozen pointless "humanitarian" conflicts in places no American should ever step foot and borrow our economy into a state of permanent recession. 

What enemy wouldn't take a shot at the title after that? 

I felt relief after the election.  It was finally over.  But now I realize that was the most false sense of contentment I could have experienced.  This borderlng-on-open Marxist will use every dirty trick in the book to remain in power including turning the Government into a 24/7 campaign commercial until election day 2012.  We will need all of our resolve, creativity and resources to compete with this. 

I'm glad Obama's Ace HQ was able to have fun today because I fear we have a very grim four years to look forward in which the balance of a nation hangs.  

Let's nail these motherfuckers to the wall.

P.S.: You cocksucking five-year-olds that taunted the President on his departure can throat-wrap the barbed cock of Satan and gargle his demon lava.  I find it unbelievable that modern partisans could use lessons in decorum and class from the fucking hippies at Woodstock.  

[Rage has removed ability to form sentences properly.]

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