November 06, 2008

Obama's Fault: Another Great Day on Wall Street

Well, unless you listen to Chairman Mao's rather interesting take on today's trading:

After sliding to new session lows, the major stock indexes staged a comeback late Thursday.

At 2:46 p.m. EST, the NYSE composite was down 4.1%, up from 5.9% lower at the worst levels of the session. The S&P 500 was off 3.5%, the Dow 3.3%, the Nasdaq 2.7%.

Does anyone recall something this positive being said about a 5% drop before now?  Almost like people want it to be clear that Obama's election isn't causing a massive selloff (which it is).  Imagine how bad it will be when he actually gets to start making policy!

Other things that are Obama's fault today:

  • Gay marriage banned in California.  He is against gay marriage and his opinion carried in the massively blue state.  Looks like more incentive to be a Log Cabin Republican.
  • Looks like Obama's calls for attacking Pakistan have found resonance with some his most ardent supporters;  Suicide Bombers.
  • Beyond putting missiles near Poland, looks like Tzar Putin wants the title back.  Of course, Obama will rebuke them with a strongly worded letter and a hand job as only the Fresh Prez of Bill Ayers can do.  No word on shipments of Unicorns headed for Siberia.
  • Obama still hasn't commented on the eight corpses his negligence and disinterest caused.   He just doesn't care about Phillipino people.

Thanks Obama!  Maybe we can get that DOW down to 6,000 before you're inaugerated!  That way all the growth will seem like it is your doing instead of representing a recovery from the anticipation of your disasterous economic policies.

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