September 01, 2009

Obama, stay away from my kids!

The Head Moron brings this to our attention:

Obama's going to deliver an address to all American students on September 8th.

I imagine that every school will play the broadcast and teachers will of course treat it reverentially.

I also guess that Obama will take the opportunity to boost learning generally, always an important message, but especially important for young black males to hear.

On the other hand, Obama tends to be unable to resist his partisan and/or messianic impulses.

So, you know, is it too much to ask he provide the text of the speech to parents before he delivers it so they can make an informed choice about it?

I'm not saying I don't trust you. I'm just saying -- no, I am saying I don't trust you, now that I think about it.

I've sent a letter to through their site, and also to (phone number 202.401.1576) since she's listed as the contact person for the event on the website (search the page for 'nationally', you'll find the announcement a ways down), asking for a copy of the speech. As a concerned conservative...yeah, whatever. As a parent who doesn't want stuff being shoved into my kids' heads without my approval, I'm officially outraged that an end run would be attempted around my final arbitration of the sort of education my children receive. I've called my son's school and let them know that if they plan on broadcasting the speech through the school and I have not had time to review the content, I will be pulling my son out of school for the day. Hey, grandma's going to be in town, we'll go to the amusement park for the day.  There's no TV there.

Seriously, Obamabots, if parents want their kids to spend an hour watching you, there's always TiVo.  Or you could broadcast your drivel at an hour when parents can watch it with their kids at home.

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