August 17, 2009

More Timely Info

File this under "Stuff America should have known about last year"

It's kind of long, but velly intellesting, in talking about at lest one of Tony Rezko's building not having heat for a month during a -30degree cold snap, DirectorBlue mention some other of his properties, where they are and how he got some Chicago city projects.

Rezmar’s properties turned out to be catastrophic failures: 17 buildings ended up in foreclosure, 6 are boarded up, hundreds of apartments are vacant and require repair… and taxpayers were stuck with millions in unpaid loans.

All of these buildings were in — or just blocks away from — a single state senator’s district. A district belonging to a young, up-and-coming politician named Barack Obama.

You know, if the media had been even marginally not in the tank, we might have heard about this stuff a year ago when it would have done some good.
(h/t The Emperor) I don't read the Green Room at Hot Air nearly as much as I should.

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