January 18, 2009

Maryland State Rep Embodies FAIL and Stupidity In One Classic Sentence

She seems to yet another O-Bot to believe the whole "magic unicorns will pay our bills for us" line.

Gladden, in a video interview you can see here, told the intrepid political reporter, “It doesn’t matter if the state of Maryland is broke as long as Barack Obama is going to be President of the United States â€“ this is great!”

Not so great if you’ve just lost a job, your home, your 401k or your health insurance. 

But to Lisa Gladden, it doesn’t matter if we starve in the streets; nor does it matter that Maryland state workers are being furloughed; nor does it matter that crime in the city she represents is among the worst in the country; nor does it matter that her mayor (Sheila Dixon) has been indicted on charges ranging from theft to perjury; nor does the $1 billion dollar shortfall facing the state.

As long as Obama is president we can just put on our rose-colored eyewear, hold hands, and enjoy the ride to hell in our Barack-logoed handbasket.

Here’s hoping Senator Gladden heads the committee that oversees Obama’s historic Inaugural Day walk across the waters of the Reflecting Pool. 

Here is a clip:


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