October 12, 2009

Just what does "We will not back down" mean?

Update: graphic shamelessly stolen from Electric Blues


It's possible the gay community has paraded so much, it's become ineffective.

Vowing not to back down from urging Obama to follow up on his campaign promises to gays, many gay activists view Sunday's March for Equality as just the beginning.

They want President Barack Obama to follow his words with actions and end the discriminatory "don't ask, don't tell" policy of homosexuals in military service, and to take a stance on the Defense of Marriage Act.

The White House responds by telling a reporter that the demonstrators aren't being taken seriously.

So we move from "I Won" to "governing a closely divided country is complicated and difficult" (h/t) in a mere 260 days.  But a lot can happen in 260 days, that's almost as long as it took Obama to win a Nobel.

I could see Obama doing away with DADT - it's largely a failed policy as soldiers have continued to be asked indirectly (i.e. do you have a girlfriend back home?) and thus forced to lie, and I'm sure Obama would take whatever chance he had to take a potshot at the military. But Teh Won has already taken a stance on DOMA - I'm guessing we're going to see a whole lot more of "I really want to, but I just can't" thrown at the gay community.

So does "We will not back down" mean the gay community will actually vote against a candidate who pretends to have their backs while stabbing them in it next election season?  At what point will the gay community realize that they will be collectively thrown under the bus each and every time they let it happen to themselves?  Or are they only fooling themselves in the same way we fool ourselves every time we cast a vote for a RINO, telling ourselves the alternative would be worse?

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