March 18, 2009

Insert Donkey Joke Here

Folks, just a PSA:

When riding horses, watch out for angry donkeys.

"I have no feeling in my backside. It's like a Novocain feeling. It starts right here and goes down the middle of my leg," said Curtice.

Curtice and her boyfriend, Angel Velez, were on their first date riding horses in Spring Hill. Two donkeys that escaped from a ranch attacked the horse Curtice was riding.

"That's the only thing I remember is the teeth coming at me. I never got bit by the donkey, I got trampled by him, but the teeth, I remember the teeth," said Curtice.

Now, she's filing a lawsuit against the owner of the Blackberry Ranch, Tampa car dealer and philanthropist Frank Morsani.

"It's an accident. I don't blame anybody but if the man had fixed the fence, I wouldn't be in this mess," said Curtice.

"If we can show negligence release outside the boundaries of the property they live on, then the law provides for compensation," said Tom Carey, a trial attorney who represents Curtice.

Morsani told 10 Connects the donkeys accidentally got out for a few hours when someone cut his fence. Curtice says one good thing has come from the accident. She and Velez are now engaged.

"I think we found out how much we care about each other. I hope everything works out," said Angel Velez, Curtis' fiancé.

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