August 27, 2009

Here's the thanks

I'll start this post out by saying to the people of Honduras...yes, our President is this stupid, all I can say is that I didn't vote for the guy, understand that we're stuck with this stupid bastard for four years, and then we'll try and rebuild from there.

Investor's Business Daily asked yesterday in their editorial, "Where's the Thanks?"  regarding Honduras' extradition of Jamal Yousef to the US, even after their shitty treatment by the Administration and US State Department.  Yousef is a shady arms supplier from Syria, who supplies small arms for criminal enterprises and terrorist organizations. 

So, how are they being rewarded today?  The State Department has begun the process to cut off formal aid to Honduras.  Let's remember, this all came about because the former President of Honduras basically tried to run roughshod over the nation's constitution, which imposes term limits for presidents.  The president had served the full term, and had to be forcefeully removed because he would not leave office. 

The amazing thing is you know that the same leftists who spent eight years feeding this paranoid fear that Teh Bushitler would cancel the elections and declare himself Chimperor 4 Lyfe are watching this situation and what the Obama administration is doing and nodding approvingly. 

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