July 24, 2009


I say again, Heh. (with apologies to the puppy blender for stealing his phrase)

I've seen this video by Chris Rock that American Digest has and it's spot on.

It's Chris Rock explaining how not to get your ass kicked by the police.

You probably won't get your ass kicked if you just use common sense
(well, that leaves out our over-educated "betters" like that Harvard tool V.)..snip...
If you jump a turnstile you might get off with a warning, if you jump a turnstile with a gun and smoking a joint, maybe you need your ass kicked (Heh V)

And the money quote
When an officer approaches your car, Be Polite.

Bing-fucking-O. It costs nothing to be polite to the police and it can cost a lot to not be polite.

As someone who has had more than his share of dealing with the police, I know what I'm saying.

I'm white, in HS most of my friends were white. We caroused around the greater Woodstock, NY region at all hours of the day and night. Woodstock is a very white region, so racism wasn't involved in what happened to me and my friends.

Woodstock is a small town with three and sometimes four police depts running around, Woodstock cops, Ulster County Cops, NY State Police and occasionally the police in a nearby town, like Olive, encroach.
Woodstock is not a high crime area. So there are 3-4 bored sets of cops around just looking for something to do.
I've dealt with them all, at 4pm, midnight, 2 am, at 4 am, at 6 am (not morning, the end of the night) and I've never been put into handcuffs by any of them. Even when I was doing something tres stupid. Like sitting on the side of route 28 at 6am, hitch-hiking and throwing rocks at the street light at the 375 intersection. Since we had been wasted all night, none of the rocks came near the light, they all landed in the intersection of a 55 MPH highway. In a big pile. The police showed up, I told my buddy to shut up and I handled it. They let us go with minimal hassling.

When I wasn't around, the same buddy was a dick. He was handcuffed often, with my cousin. My cousin is an idiot too. He was handcuffed for being stupid and he did the Capt. Kirk thing (jumping over his handcuffed hands to get them in front), the cop thought that was so funny he made my cousin do it the other way. Naturally, he fell flat on his unprotected face when he tried.

And he deserved it. If I had been there, I would have shut them both up and handled it myself, but I wasn't, so my cousin got a bloody nose and they were handcuffed for an hour or more before they were let go. (how funny is it that I'm the diplomatic one? V)

When I get pulled over, I take off my sunglasses and put my hands on the wheel. I usually get a warning.

So as Chris Rock says, don't be an asshole and you too can keep from getting your ass kicked by cops.

Too bad our highly-educated, intellectual-, moral-, and political-"betters" can't figure that out.

It's of a piece with the riots in Cincinnati a few years ago, for example. Some kids were doing what they shouldn't have been doing, a cop, who was used to patrolling the war zone that is the ghetto in Cincinnati, reacted strongly to the kid being a dick (the kid was being overly non-cooperative and did something that looked very aggressive, as I recall) and the kid came out on the short end of the stick.

Naturally, it was racism. It had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that they are often shot at so they have to be very careful or they can die at any time.

And just like Obama talking about how Latinos and blacks are bothered by the cops more. Ummmmm, they also commit a disproportional amount of crime. That's usually good cop-work, not racism you fucking tool.

I do have to admire Obama for the whole brouhaha though.

He claimed he wanted a national discourse on race. Well, he's getting it and it's mostly calling him a dumb fuck.
(H/T Alice H)

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