October 02, 2009

Fuck this guy sideways with a chainsaw

With a chainsaw doused in napalm and set on fire, at that.

I had a feeling something like this was going to come up - there's a bizarre relationship between the gay community and NAMBLA that seems to result in the gay community not squishing those creepy pedophiles like the cockroaches they are. 

What is surprising is that no one is mentioning reports that [Safe Schools Czar Kevin]Jennings publicly stated that he was inspired by one of the biggest promoters of pedophilia in the country — Harry Hay.  Hay actively promoted sex between men and boys and supported the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA).   Transcripts of a GLSEN conference in NYC on October 25, 1997 indicate that Jennings said, “one of the people that always inspired me is Harry Hay.”
  Besides being one of the people who lobbied for NAMBLA to be included in gay rights activities, Harry Hay was also a member of the Communist Party, the Gay Liberation Front, and cofounded the Radical Faeries and the Mattachines.  Harry Hay considered the exclusion of NAMBLA from gay rights activities as part of a dangerous exclusionist trend. 

There's a serious cognitive disconnect on the left regarding admiring activists and actually looking at their activist enterprises.  The fact that the person now appointed to keep our schools safe isn't able to recognize that someone can do some good things but still be fundamentally sick and harmful to others is way beyond concerning. 

So President Obama, can we please fire this asshat now?  Or are you writing his extremist alliances off the same way you wrote off Bill Ayers' past actions?

(h/t @coutpost)

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