November 07, 2008

DJ Gaffey Joe and the Fresh Prez of Bill Ayers

Featuring such hits as:

  1. "Nightmare on Wall Street"
  2. "Here We Go Again (Carter Remix)"
  3. "Brand New Funk" (Economic)
  4. "Time to Chill" (on all that War on Terror Jazz)
  5. "Charlie Rangel"
  6. "Yes We Can"
  7. "Palins Just Don't Understand"
  8. "Pump Up the Capital Gains Taxes"
  9. "Let's Get Busy Baby (Redistributing the Wealth)"
  10. "Another Special Announcement"
  11. "Live at Red Square"
  12. "D.J. on the (Japanese) Wheels"
  13. "My Buddy (The Terrorist)"
And much, much more!

Please send check or money order for 35% of your income to Slublog.

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