September 22, 2010

Buy Popcorn Futures

So the DOJ's former Voting Section Chief, Christopher Coates, is going to testify before the Civil Rights Commission after all.

Could this be the first case of a Friday News Dump that doesn't bury the story?
I'd buy popcorn futures Friday before the market opens.*

Updated because I forgot to put this in.
Maybe law talking types could tell me it's normal, but wasn't it odd the New Black Panthers didn't respond to the suit? Almost as if they knew they didn't have to worry about it.

That they just didn't bother to respond has always struck me as odd. Why wouldn't you at least scream "racism" or something? Get the Right Revs and their renta-mobs flashing outside,.maybe a few bused in union thugs. Something.

* (I am not a stock picking guy, this is not serious advice, void where prohobited by law, do not take without alcohol).

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