August 12, 2009

Birther Nonsense And Stupid Polls

I'm so fucking tired of the left spouting on and on about the birthers and how stupid they are and how many there are when the mote in their fucking eye is a redwood.

St. Andrew (no link due to established DPUD policy) quotes this poll:

According to Public Policy Polling (PPP), a North Carolina polling firm, only 24% of self-identified Republican voters in the state believe Barack Obama was born in the United States. 47% do not believe that Obama is American born, and 29% of Republicans aren’t sure. One part of PPP’s data might reassure sentient readers somewhat: 7% of those who voted for John McCain do not believe Hawaii to be a part of the United States. Now perhaps this is just another irrational expression of Obama hatred. But, it may also be older voters who never quite absorbed the news that our 50th state is indeed our 50th state.

He claims that is AMAZING! Hey, I agree that it is pretty depressing that 7% of any group doesn't know Hawaii is a state but I'd like to see a similar poll done of NC Obama voters about 9/11 Truth beliefs and some generic geography question. I'm sure the numbers would iron out almost EXACTLY the same with probably a greater ignorance of geography.

Oh, and before you can say it. RACISSTT!!!!!!

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