October 01, 2009

Beck punks the President

I forget where I saw the link (you probably saw it the same place), but the White House has a blog where they go after Beck.
They say he showed a blatant disregard for the truth when he said that Vancouver lost $1 billion when they had the Olympics.
So Beck starts off his program with the correction. (The clip will be on Hot Air in an hour or so).
Paraphrasing from memory
Yes, I meant "Calgary" not Vancouver. But while we're on the subject of Vancouver, let's discuss how they've spent 97 or 98% (I forget what he said V) of the billions they had budgeted and how they were a billion over budget on this and 4 billion over on that (I forget the 4 billion overbudget one, but he said that number V) and it's still months until they actually happen.

Bwa and a hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha.

As I watch this show it appears since he's so obviously getting under Obama's skin, he's going after him harder and harder. With a funny ass comment "... and the mob....Ooooh, did I say that out loud?..."

How funny is it that the POTUS is getting punked by Beck?
At least it's funnier than his being punked by the Mad Mullahs and their little troll puppet.

Obama is doing what I thought could not be possible. He's lowering the presidency even lower than Clinton ever dreamed. At least Clinton knew who to mess with and who to ignore. He had thick skin.

For a man who's President of the United Fucking States he's a goddam whiny little punk.
Hell, for a 10 year old girl who got kicked off the teeter-totter he's a whiny goddam little punk.
H/T Nobody. Screw em.

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