July 07, 2009

Barack Obama: The Smartest Man On The Face Of The Planet

How smart is he?

So smart, he knows more about the Russian Power Structure than the Russians do.

Putin surrendered the presidency to protege Dmitry Medvedev last May to take the lesser post of prime minister, but most political analysts say Putin remains Russia's ultimate decision maker.

The dual leadership has left foreign leaders to walk a difficult diplomatic tightrope. In line with protocol Obama met Medvedev ahead of talks with the lower ranking Putin.

At a news conference Obama gave a carefully worded reply about the effectiveness of the leadership tandem when a U.S. journalist bluntly asked "who is really in charge here in Russia?"

But minutes later, speaking about Medvedev's objections to a controversial missile defense system planned for central Europe, Obama slipped:

"I suspect when I speak to President..eh.. Prime Minister Putin tomorrow, he will say the same thing."

Once again, I am reminded of the "If a Republican President had said this..." line.

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