February 06, 2010

Another one bites the bus

This could get interesting.
Speculation is that Holder's about to go under the bus.
So far nobody's who gone under has really been harmed. Sure they're blamed for something, but it didn't affect their careers too much.

But Holder is big beans. If Obama blames too much on him, his livelihood could be affected.
And I wonder if he engenders the same devotion as the Clintons.
It used to amaze me that people would go to jail for them.
But the Clintons didn't throw everybody under there, they were selective about it.

Holder might just defend himself and then what happens? He could muddy the waters a lot for Obama leading to a cascade effect where Obama has to throw more people under to "fix" things.
Obama has thrown too many people under the bus for me to think the rest will fall on their swords. And if he'll roll Holder, his preacher and his mom under the bus, well, who won't he?

What happens when it's Rahm's turn? Rahm knows where the bodies are buried and he's not so pleasant to his enemies.
I know he was in the Daly machine, but he also worked for Clinton and he really is a son of a bitch.
He could probably bring down any prominent Dem politician he wants.

The next year or so could get interesting. And by "interesting" I mean fucked up. Roll President Biden around in your mind.
His handlers can't keep him off the TV if he's the president. Imagine the first press conference where he opines about how the Shah should tone it down and stop trying to develop nukular weapons.
Or the jokes about Alabama defending them when Russia invades Georgia.
Hmmm, maybe this belonged in "Funniest End of Civilization Ever"

Yeah I'm bored. What of it?

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