February 05, 2010

Have I Ever Mentioned That I Hate Building Codes?

I bet this guy REALLY does.

A farmer who built a castle hidden behind a stack of straw bales has lost a High Court bid to save it from being demolished.

So this guy builds a castle in secret without permits.  Then, the government finds out about it and because he didn't have the permits they demolish it?  Fucking bullshit.  At MOST, they should be able to inspect it and see if it meets code and, if not, issue a fine or something.  If that was me I'd be on the roof with a rifle when they came to tear it down. 

Wait, I guess not in England. 

Fucking building codes.  I can get behind them for businesses because they are de facto semi-public locations and its nice to be confident that a restaurant's roof isn't going to collapse on your head.  But in private homes, they should butt the fuck out of any permits that can't DIRECTLY effect your neighbors' safety*.  You know, fire hazards and such.  But if I want to build a neat little castle tower in my back yard they can shove their permits up their fucking asses with hot sauce. 

I mean, in Milwaukee you need a rather expensive permit to build a FUCKING SHED.  Explain to me one good fucking reason they should have a say about a shed.  One.

Yeah, this shit pisses me off since we've been renovating our house non-stop since we bought it and apparently the stupid fucking government of Milwaukee has a say in almost anything we do.  Statist bastards.  I think we should pass a law that requires elected officials to get a permit from a citizen every time they want to take a shit.  $10.00.  I'm reasonable.

* - On the other hand, I am completely in favor of neighborhood organizations (willfully entered) that can set limits on what you can do with your property.  That's not police state shit, that's voluntary contract stuff.  That's fine.

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