December 27, 2008

Eminent domain is awesome!

When the government provides for everything, it can take away everything. Like the Venezuelan 273-store mall you're within a couple of months of opening.

President Hugo Chavez says he was heading through downtown Caracas when he was shocked by the sight of a huge, nearly finished shopping mall amid the high-rise offices and apartments.
So the often-impulsive president told an allied mayor to halt construction and said this prime block of urban real estate should be expropriated. He said the sprawling six-story building might be put to better use as a hospital or university.
The whole article is worth a read, with wonderful contradictions between Chavez's vision of socialism in action vs local authorities insisting that private property rights should be respected.  My guess is that the contradicting local authorities won't have government jobs soon.  It seems that the harshest local criticism that's safe is that Chavez is too busy to oversee every project and should leave this sort of thing to municipal decision-makers.

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December 16, 2008

First They Came For The Motorized Couches, And I Said Nothing

It's a sad, sad day when motorized couches are outlawed in the parking lots of Cleveland Browns games.

On Nov. 23, (the driver) joked around to the officers at the entrance to the Muny Lot that he was driving his buddy to the stadium (he didn’t have tickets himself.)

“They laughed and waved me through,” he said. “We were like, ‘Really? You’re going to let us go?’ ” So he kept driving, past several other cops who laughed, until he was stopped on East Ninth Street by an officer who didn’t find it funny.

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December 11, 2008

If at first you don't succeed...

Just keep ramming it further up their ass.

Of course, even if this fails again they'll just find a way to remove the need for a vote.

After all, we can't have these stupid yokels selling 60g kiwis.  Civilisation would break down.

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December 01, 2008

FCC wants to nationalize the intarwebs

Basically, they want to offer a "free" lower speed intarwebs with controlled content, subsidized by people who use paid intarwebs.  Clever how they're going about this, let's just say the Huck brand social cons better not be dumb enough to fall for this Trojan horse.

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