May 13, 2008

one zombie that needs to be put down, now

...before it infects others and spreads the stupidity.  I'm talking about the Assault Weapons Ban.  Bob Owens at CY looks Fast Eddie Rendell's revisionist history of the Assault Weapons Ban, then goes on to show what a shameless liar Eddie is.  Bob calls the AWB a zombie because since the law has been allowed to die, fascists in the media, in our legislatures and in capitals who want to undermine our liberties have been trying to revive it and claim it was wildly effective by lying about what it did.  Bob puts the lie to that too, it wasn't effective, nor would it ever be effective, unless the hands you wanted to keep firearms out of were responsible citizens. 

Fast Eddie and the assorted vermin of the Soviet of Philly's political class are going to resort to any lie, any distortion, any bending or breaking of the law they can in order to undermine Pennsylvania's current gun laws.  Philly has been trying for years to try and undermine our gun rights on a state level, they want PA to be a fascist hellhole with no 2nd Amendment rights like New York, DC, California or Massachusetts. 

The Philly area hates and resents that the rest of PA refuses to allow their Second Amendment rights to be undermined.  That is what is going on here, let it be known to Rendell, Nutter, the Philly PD chief, and the Brady/VPC jackboots, those of us who live here in non-Philly PA aren't going to submit to your fascist machinations.  Give up or secede to New Jersey.

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