May 18, 2009

You will drive what Obama wants you to drive

Thou shalt drive a tiny hybrid hippie car, or take crappy public transportation, so sayeth Our Marxist Messiah.

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May 14, 2009

Producers of The Dam Busters need to quit being PC wusses

I agree with this guy completely, quit being spazzes, if you're trying to be somewhat historically accurate, use the dog's real name.  The Dam Busters is a film that follows Operation Chastise, the famous raid on three dams in the Ruhr (where the bouncing bombs were used) carried out by the RAF 617th squadron. Wing Commander Guy Gibson had a dog that was something of a mascot for the squadron, but was hit by a car and killed on the day of the raid, the squadron named one of the attack points for the dog.  The dog?  A black lab named Nigger.  (Here's a picture of Nigger the dog in front of one of the bombers and crew)  The production team and director are trying to come up with a PC alternative, but are meeting resistance from people who think that if you're trying to do a historically accurate piece, you know, try and be historically accurate.

Yeah, the race hustlers, grievance mongers and stupid people are going to screech, they always do, because that's how they get shakedown money.  The production team needs to stand firm, and tell those bitching that history is history, and all the whiners and screeching retards fuck themselves sideways.  The dog's name was Nigger, quit being pussies, man up, and deal with it.

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May 13, 2009

Warrantless GPS Tracking

Mood:  Stern and Disapproving

Looks like the Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled it is legal for Wisconsin law enforcement to track citizens with GPS without obtaining a warrant. 

I have a multi-part response*:

  1. Go fuck yourself.
  2. Eat my shit.

I also have a follow up question:  Would it then be legal for me to track government officials using GPS without their knowledge?  Think how many abuses of power, sex scandals and bribes could be avoided if we could just watch our 'leaders' at all times without them knowing.

It is time to start retaliating to this stupid nanny bullshit once and for all.  They want to take our liberty and make our lives beaurocratic nightmares, its time to pay the piper.  It is time to make these elitist, meddling pricks as miserable as they are trying to make us**.

* - I apologize for all the legal jargon. 

** - Moron Pundit does not condone the use of violence.  He would suggest other forms of civil disobedience like ordering 40 pizzas to your Senator's office from 20 different restaurants at the same time.

Update: I'd assume this is going to eventually make it to the SCOTUS since there are differing opinions on the matter.

(h/t: Ace and Resident BDSM Expert - Alice H.)

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America is now officially retarded

Oh, fer crying out loud...

According to a letter from the FDA General Mills' advertising violates the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. The agency said claims that Cheerios ingredients can lower cholesterol within a certain amount of time, all while providing cancer-fighting and heart-healthy benefits, essentially makes Cheerios "a drug" by their definition. And no drug in this country can be legally marketed without an approved new drug application.
If anybody needs me, I'll be...well, I'm not really sure, to be perfectly honest.

I'm still waiting to find out what kind of transportation I can use to get to my new destination, which kind of fuel I can power said transportation with, where I can build a new place without endangering any fur-bearing spotted gnats, northwest medium-horn sheep, or striped desert trout*, what kind of water and power sources I can use, when I can use them, and what kind of food and drink I'm allowed to take with me. I don't currently own any firearms, so at least I don't have to worry about that issue.

Yeah, I guess I'll still be here. Eating Cheerios.


*May not be actual species

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One Way To Stick It To The Nanny State

Just claim you are conducting "scientific research", or something like that.

Kerry’s tap room has been turned into a “Smoking Research Centre” after pal James Martin studied the law and discovered a get-out clause.

It means the nationwide smoking ban could be reduced to ashes if other pubs and clubs cash in on the idea.

James, a printer, found under Section 9 of The 2007 Smoking Act (Exemptions) that smoking “research” can be carried out in a separate room as long as there is no through bar.

The vault at Kerry’s pub, The Cutting Edge, fits the bill. It is separate from the main boozer, has its own bar, and now sports signs on the doors boasting “Designated Smoking Room”.

All Kerry’s punters have to do is fill in a questionnaire asking how many cigarettes they smoke and if they like a smoky atmosphere. Then they can sit back and enjoy a fag with their pint.

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May 07, 2009

Here Is Some Nanny State Meddling I Want To Be A Part Of!

Inspecting brothels? Count me in.

Judges visited the Salon Prestige club, just off the city's main shopping street Kurfürstendamm, and said its existence was only noticeable by an inconspicuous name plate.

Its opening hours - 11:00 am to 11:00 pm on weekdays and 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm on weekends and public holidays according to its website - should also be acceptable for neighbours, the court said. The establishment also does not serve alcohol, it emphasised.

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May 05, 2009

Free beer in Alabama!

Craft brewers and beer enthusiasts are waging a grassroots campaign against one of Alabama's more prominent prohibitionist Nanny Staters, in particular a state senator Erwin , who has been obstructing efforts to allow good beer to flow again in Alabama.  We've noted that in a lot of counties in Alabama, there thrives a subspecies of Nanny Stater, Nannicus Biblicus Thumpus, which thrives on controlling others, and in particular has a real fixation on controlling sex and booze related fun vice. 

Be sure to check out Free the Hops!, which is trying to roll back the various Nanny beer laws.  Cheers guys!

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