January 09, 2009

Curse You, Nanny State! (2nd Attempt)

Now they are going after "working moms".

Stephanie Antes, 28, of Albertville, is charged with five felony counts and one gross misdemeanor count of failing to file and pay income taxes and filing a false income tax return, according to the Minnesota Department of Revenue.

Antes worked as an exotic dancer and waitress at Rick's Cabaret in Minneapolis between 2004 and 2006. A tipster called the Department of Revenue to report that Antes had made around $80,000 per year in tips that she didn't report.

According to the criminal charges, her bank statements showed that she deposited $27,000 in 2004 and $76,000 in 2005, exceeding the income amounts she reported for those years by thousands of dollars.

She also received a large state refund in 2005 because she claimed both of her children as dependents, even though their father also claimed them.

Antes did not return calls for comment, but according to her MySpace page, she graduated from North Hennepin Community College with a degree in nursing in 2005.


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January 07, 2009

More GOP Nannying

The head of the Utah Senate (yes, he's GOP, this is Utah) wants to force Utah restaurants to pour and mix drinks behind a solid barrier.  Here's the thing, restaurants in Utah already have a glass barrier that encloses the bar, because there's apparently a gigantic difference between having someone hand a martini over a bar countertop and having a server bring a drink to a table, but that's apparently not enough for the Senator.  Says he,

Senate President Michael Waddoups, R-Taylorsville, said children shouldn't be allowed to see liquor bottles or drinks being poured.

"Restaurants are turning into bars," Waddoups said. "It's making it look attractive. Kids see it and wonder what they're missing. I think we need to be a little more strict."

Kids are seeing drinks being poured...horror.  And of course, we see the For The ChildrenTM Card is in play, as always.  I get that this probably has to do with Mormon cultural preferences, but this is just stupid nannying, watching a bartender make a Manhattan isn't going to have anymore effect on a kid than watching the waiter deliver said Manhattan, or alcohol ads on TV and magazines for that matter.  Fortunately, looks like Huntsman sees that and is trying to smack this guy down.

Update:  Vinty notes Huntsman engages in his own brand of Nannying...crap.  Can we please have some politicians that think Liberty First, please?

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January 02, 2009

Leave It To Socialism To Give Away Stuff

So, does that mean Scandiland will now let you get some action for free?

The tough new measures go further than similar ones introduced by other Nordic countries such as Sweden and Finland.

Norwegian police have been authorised to use wire-tapping devices to gather evidence.

There has already been a visible decrease in women working on the streets of central Oslo, local media report.

Prostitutes will be offered access to free education and health treatment for those with alcohol or drugs problems.

The government had already launched a publicity campaign before the law came into force.

Critics of the new regulations say prostitution will simply be driven underground and will be more difficult to control.

Oh, now I understand. They meant prostitution. And leave it to the snow chunkers to worry about regulations.

*slaps forehead*



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First They Came For The Pantsless Hobos, And I Said Nothing...

Curse you, Nanny State! Why can't a hobo wear only a blanket and loincloth for pants?

Ben Hana, known in Wellington as the Blanket Man due to his choice of a blanket and a loincloth as clothing, was released on bail Wednesday in Wellington District Court after his Dec. 23 arrest for obscene exposure and cannabis possession, The Dominion Post reported Thursday.

Maxine Dixon, Hana's lawyer, said in her client's bail application that he plans to fight allegations that he exposed himself to children.

"He wears high-risk clothing. It's a way of life rather than a deliberate attempt at lewdness," Dixon said.

Chalk this up as yet another infringement on our Civil Liberties.

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