June 25, 2010

Weak: FDA officially bans candy cigarettes

Seriously, who was even buying these except adults feeling nostalgic?  I couldn't even find them in stores, and believe me I always kept an eye out for them.  I could find them with online vendors though.  Did they really need to be banned?  I know, I know, it was For The ChildrenTM.

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June 22, 2010

New York smokers

May want to find out if they sell Astroglide in 55 gallon drums.

The Legislature was considering Gov. David Paterson's $1.60 increase in the state cigarette tax that's now $2.75 per pack. That would increase the cost of cigarettes in New York state from about $7.60 a pack to $9.20. In New York City, which has its own $1.50 tax, the price could jump to near $11. Paterson's bill would also double the tax on chewing tobacco and many other tobacco products while finally taxing little cigars as much as cigarettes.

BTW, it sounds like they're hurting bad enough on budget to try and shake down the reservations...I hope the Natives fight like hell.

Or better yet, PA should drop its taxes on cigs so we can build a bunch of shops along the NY/PA border, hell, we could do that now as long as the short bus all-stars in Harrisburg don't fuck it up.  Hmmm...

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June 17, 2010

Don't fuck with my Nutella

Hazelnuts are one of my absolute favorite foods, and Nutella plus just about anything guarantees a trip straight into my mouth*.  And I know I'm not the only one who feels this way about Nutella.  So why the hell the EU would even begin to consider that doing anything to stop anyone from learning about and inevitably embracing Nutella's creamy, nutty, chocolatey goodness will result in anything other than civil war is a mystery to me.  At least one EU politician has a lick of common sense:

Giancarlo Galan, Italy’s agriculture and food minister, dismissed the proposal as “nonsense” and wrote a tough-worded letter to Brussels asking for a softer approach. “Sometimes, the strict application of rules … reveals their stupidity,” he told reporters

*yes, I know I'm leaving myself open for the obscene jokes.  Let's just say that Nutella is smooth and creamy but doesn't drip all over the place and leave it at that.

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