July 22, 2008

Carolyn McCarthy (NSDAP-NY) sued by Long Island resident for gun confiscation

After the guy apparently made a scene or got in an argument about illegal immigration at the New York office of Carolyn McCarthy.  The office contacted the police, who then confiscated his legally owned firearms

The article makes no mention of any crime this guy committed, and I don't see where he's been charged with anything.  The office of the fascist McCarthy claims that the guy's behavior was "disruptive and threatening." 

I'm not buying it, I wouldn't trust the McCarthy or anyone who would work for that Nazi unless they had video or audio that showed him acting in a genuinely threatening manner.  Of course if he did make a threat then I'd expect to see his firearms confiscated, followed by an arrest and charges filed.  I'm not seeing that, and until I see that, this guy had his civil rights violated.

For a little refresher, I'd like to remind people what a reckless, dangerous person this authoritarian idiot McCarthy is,*

Get that?  She wants to restrict an essential human right, acknowledged by the Constitution which she swore to uphold and defend, and she was literally willing(still is) to simply impose a ban on barrel shroud, when she didn't even know what a barrel shroud was in the first place!  That she can think so little of the gravity of restricting a Constitutional right is truly disturbing. 

Illegal confiscation of legally owned firearms isn't anything new either, people in New Orleans recently had their civil rights violated this way as well.

*This is also where that smarmy little douche Tucker Carlson redeemed himself for me forever, for the record.

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