August 13, 2009

The Ironing Is Delicious, Iran Nukes Edition

Funny, Iran all of a sudden wants internation law and treaties to come into play.

Instead, all of the diplomats said the Iranian initiative seeks support for a generally worded document prohibiting all armed attacks against nuclear installations anywhere, when 150 nations convene for the September general conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency {an agency more impotent than an old man without Viagra-ed.}.

"We are not worried about Israel," said Ali Asghar Soltanieh, Iran's chief envoy to the IAEA. "Nobody dares to do anything against Iran."

He said an Iranian resolution will seek a worldwide ban on such attacks as "a matter of principle." {yeah, the principle of using nuclear weapons on Israel-ed.}

"I think this is an urgent concern for all of the international community," he said. "All member states will support the idea."

We'll see. And just remember, this is all for Mother Gaia, not Iran's nuclear missiles.

The IAEA's general conference already passed a resolution in September 1990 entitled "Prohibition of All Armed Attacks Against Nuclear Installations Devoted to Peaceful Purposes Whether Under Construction or in Operation."

But Soltanieh, who said his country was a key architect of that document, said a fresh resolution was called for because "nuclear installations all over the world are increasing and any sort of threatening attacks ... will have radiological consequences all over the world."

But Israeli warplanes have attacked nuclear sites before, and Iran appeared to be trying to ramp up diplomatic pressure on the Jewish state in hopes of reducing the chances of an attack.

The country's war planes crippled Iraq's Osirak nuclear reactor in 1981 to prevent Saddam Hussein from the means of developing nuclear weapons. More recently, an Israeli air attack nearly two years ago destroyed what the U.S. says was a nearly finished nuclear reactor in Syria that would have been able to produce plutonium when completed.

Israel, which is considered to have nuclear weapons, has been quiet publicly regarding its military intentions but has sent several signals to Iran.

Thanks to Veeshir and the Lemur King.

I wonder what signal that was and is.


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