November 04, 2009


Canadian Against Drinking Suds.
I have family in Kingston, Ontario. We used to go visit them a lot, I was a smug, superior American icehole whenever I went but they always shut me up when they talked about beer. I had to shut up and admit they were right. Bud in Canada even tastes good.
So I'm torn on this one, on the one hand, I'll be able to stay a smug, rude, annoying American next time I go, on the other hand, Oh Canada, WTF?

Every Olympics the Dutch set up a Holland House at a bunch of venues where they provide tasty suds of the beer variety for thirsty sports fans.

It's all over Holland House, the hospitality event the Netherlands Olympic Committee and the Dutch government want to hold during the 2010 Games. The Dutch have a simple idea, one that has been a roaring success at every Olympics since Barcelona in 1992.

This year? The Canadians said "No, eh".
Canadian bureaucrats want everyone to know they have power. At all the venues they're setting up petty, bureaucratic obstacles and hassles. The article talks about needing permanent plumbing for a 3 week event, not allowing 3,000 people into a hockey arena and this one takes the cake

Finally, there's Ottawa.
It's insisting Dutch organizers must prove no Canadians are losing out jobs to the 330 Dutch citizens coming in to run Holland House. Ottawa wants all the jobs posted for two weeks, to see if Dutch-speaking Canadians might apply.

Unbelievabile. And I thought the Olympics were when the world came together.
Too bad they forgot to bribe the bureaucrats.
H/T Veeshir

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