May 15, 2009

Well, Pennsylvania, this *IS* what you voted for

Obama let you know how he felt about you bitter clingers, and you turned around and voted for the fucktard.  He promised you unicorns that fart rainbows and crap Skittles.  Instead, he's offering up protectionist measures that are putting 600 PA union steelworkers out of work, and because your company is foreign owned or may have foreign operations, you're out on your ass because of measures dictated by the stimulus,

In recent weeks, its largest client -- a steel pipemaker located one mile down the road -- notified Duferco Farrell that it would be canceling orders. Instead, the client is buying from companies with 100 percent U.S. production to meet the new stimulus regulations. Duferco has had to furlough 80 percent of its workforce.

"You need to tell me how inhibiting business between two companies located one mile apart is going to save American jobs," said Bob Miller, Duferco Farrell's executive vice president. "I've got 600 United Steel Workers out there who are going to lose their jobs because of this. And you tell me this is good for America?"

Feeling smart now?  You thought protectionism would save your asses, or that the Democrats would boost your modest pay with big fat goodie bags.  Oh how wrong you were.

By the way, if you think that's bad, wait till cap and trade, all you blue collar guys in the Rust Belt might want to set aside a part of your paycheck to stock up on Astroglide.

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