August 01, 2009


And I do mean "bile".
A theme I've noticed with this president is how hostile he is to democracy in general and democracies in particular, whether Honduras, Columbia, Israel or even America.

This one is currently the worst example because of the sheer brazenness he puts into awarding the Medal of Freedom to stalwart enemies of freedom.
Because of teh dichotomy!

Bush gave it to Cuban dissidents and whatnot.

Obama gives it to Teddy Fucking Kennedy. Now, ignoring his socialist, ass-fuck-the-stupid-Americans outlook, take two examples of what he's done. He was instrumental in abandoning the Vietnamese to commie dictatorship and did his best to abandon the Iraqis to Islamic dictatorship.
And he gets a Medal of Freedom.
But wait, there's still more, Teddy is not the least deserving recipient this year.
Let's go to Israel Matzav
Obama also gave one  to Mary Robinson, President of Ireland and former UN Human Rights Commissioner. She was very prominent in all the peace-loving events in Durbin. Where peace is dependent on the destruction of Israel.
She was also a member in good standing of Friends of Arafat
in her capacity as president of Ireland, she also happily provided millions of dollars of support to the PLO, which were used in terror attacks:

He has great despicability does our president.

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