March 29, 2010

Too Paranoid or just observant?

We've all seen the news about the suicide bombings in Moscow.
And here comes Veeshir in full, paranoid, the pod people are after me, mode.

I'll admit, I've been looking at Russia, Iran, Syria and NoKo because I've been expecting at least two wars this spring, once invasion season starts in Georgia.

So let's see the dots I've connected in my feverish, paranoid mind.

Let's take a look back at Putin, who I think would make a crueler, less civilized than average Tsar.

Remember the election in the Ukraine when it appeared Putin's buddy poisoned Yushchenko?
He's a caricature of a Middle Ages dictator. I mean, who invites a political rival to his house and then poisons him? You know, besides people in comic books.
Another paranoid point, in 1999 when Putin needed popularity to succeed Yeltsin a series of apartment bombings in Moscow were blamed on Chechnyans, who denied it.He used it to whip up a war and became a war leader.
A guy in an apartment building saw something suspicious and called the local cops. They found what they said were bombs. A few days later the FSB (KGB 2.0/NKVD 3.0) said, "It was just sugar, we were running a test and you passed! Yay!"
I wonder if a "Fail" would have been another apartment bombing.

So now we have 2 terrorist bombings in Moscow. Why now? Barely a month before invasion season in that area?

al Quaeda in the Caucasus has taken "credit". Quick geography lesson, South Ossetia is in the Caucasus.
South Ossetia is who Russia was "saving" a couple years ago when they had 300 armor vehicles primed and ready to go to invade Georgia.
would have a problem getting 300 armor vehicles together on short notice, he just happened to have them sitting there ready.
During that conflict, Bush put more American warships in the Black Sea than Russia had there. I bet a dollar he was also telling Putin, on the QT, that someone was about to have a problem.
Any bets on whether Obama would do the same? I'll give good odds.

Iran/Syria can start a war whenever they want against Israel. All they need to do is rev up the death cult they have going on in Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank. Instant war. Just add weapons.

Who knows what happened in SoKo with their ship being sunk? The Poofy-Haired Maniac is just that, a maniac. He doesn't need a reason to do anything, but what if he decides to join in?
The whole deal in the DMZ in Korea is set up to give him first licks and then we can fight back. We can't have armor or machine guns north of the river and Seoul is within range of his artillery (according to a friend who was stationed there. He got all angry they wouldn't let him take his M-60 with him on a vehicle recovery and only allowed him 10 rds for the M-16 they let him take, he was recovering another 5 ton wrecker and he said they wouldn't allow tanks there).

If the evil dewar's are gonna have a war, now is the time to do it. America is as weak, leadership wise, as we've ever been.

I think the NoKo connection is a little far-fetched, but..... Have I mentioned I'm paranoid?

Obama's sucking up to our enemies and pissing on/off our allies and he's consistently sided with the forces of evil from Honduras to Iran to Venezuala at every opportunity.
So what happens when he's faced with 2 or 3 dictators starting wars? I figure he'll tell Israel, Georgia and South Korea not to over-react.

Now I know I'm paranoid, but am I paranoid enough?
We'll find out within a month, maybe a mid-May at the latest.

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