February 09, 2010

To finity and below!

I have to admit, I'm torn on this one. Except for the many $billions in their budget, this could be a good thing.
First, Obama has NASA ending the space shuttle program, and against its replacement,  while siccing NASA on Global Worming.
On the one hand, NASA's budget is huge and they'll be spending it on bullshit, global worming, eco-wacko crap instead of something useful like, oh, their fucking job. You know, the third word in their acronym. 

On the other hand, NASA is about useless and this means there's a metric shitload of rocket scientists (and other space specialties) looking for work.
There has to be a way to make money out of space. First, scientific experiments and tourism going up to mining and colonization. I doubt there'd be a shortage of people looking to move to Mars or the Moon and willing to pay for it.
Richard Branson is probably already hiring and so are the X-Prize types. Heck, Boeing or Lockheed Martin might get into space travel and a lot of these people probably already work for them.

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