February 21, 2010

The sound of one hand clapping.

If a EUnuchstanian gov't falls and nobody notices, does it still show that Bush wasn't the problem?

The Dutch Gov't fell over keeping troops in Afghanistan and nobody has seemed to notice.
Apparently the PM wanted to send troops and the Deputy PM didn't, so the PM told the Queen he can't form a gov't.
I don't know what's next.
It's kinda scary/interesing in a few ways.

First, that's cold.
It's gone totally unnoticed, at least at Drudge, Hot Air, Instapundit, any other blog or, I assume, TV or else at least one of those would have mentioned it.
How inconsequential are they that only one, lone blogger at DPUD is talking about it?

Any of our fine, media betters who notice will probably ignore it because it appears the Dutch, even with all their green sticky weed, are not seeing the unicorns or the rainbows of Hope and Change.
That just doesn't fit the proper narrative.

Last, but perhaps most ominous, are we about to be on our own all over the world?
The Aussies will probably stay, but if EUnuchstans start dropping out, well, the British don't seem to want to be with us anymore.

I think the Canadians are still fighting too, but if the Eunuchs leave us be, well, the Canadians and Aussies might decide they aren't the world's police either.

Interesting times indeed. It's funny how Obama is uniting the world.
Just not on our side.

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