February 04, 2010

Taste of things to (not) come

I've taken crap, and probably will take more crap, for saying that I think Russia has to worry more about from China than we do.
Thanks to ultra-sounds and related stuff, the Chinese can see when they're going to have a less valuable girl-baby and so abort it to have a more desirable boy baby.
Soon, it'll start within 5 or 10 years considering how long we've had the tech,  they're going to have a lot of very horny yutes running around with nothing to screw. Historically, when a nation has too many men they go a-conquering (see: Sabine women, Roman rape of) or they have a revolution. Lots of peoples, like the German tribes in the Roman era, counted on this. It took a lot of money to get married so young boys had to go to war to make money to get a woman. Or the recruiting our jihadi friends do. Take the eunuch bomber for instance, he just wanted to get laid by his 72 virgins. (Too bad he's only going to lose his virginity to 72 dudes.)

Right now in China we see worker unrest because all the men went to work in the factories and left wife and kids behind in the 4th century part of China.
Sexual frustration amongst migrant workers in China's booming southern province of Guangdong is leading to a host of social problems and must be tackled, state media on Saturday cited a local official as saying.

If a commie nation's state run media is admitting a problem, it's a huge problem. Too huge to ignore or deny. In this case, they'll probably create an incentive for prostitutes to come from the same villages.

I still think Russia is in trouble in years to come. China's population is getting bigger, younger and maler. Russia's is getting smaller, older and drunker.
China is already moving in on Vladivostok Sooner or later Tsar Putin I or II will have to do something about it.
I wonder if he'll sell it (which would be bad, Russia doesn't have a lot of ports and I'm pretty sure Vladivostok is one of their few ports that's ice free, or at least usable, year round) or fight for it. Which he has to do.

And if they don't go to Russia? Revolution. I'd root for that except I heard a saying once, every emperor takes the Dragon Throne with bloody hands.
I don't expect to see a Chinese George Washington, more likely a Chinese Napoleon.

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