March 13, 2010

Paranoid or observant?

It's funny how those two are so hard to differentiate.
Case in point, Purple Avenger notices something, Obama's GDP and other economic numbers keep being revised downward, usually to little fanfare.

So I thought, gee, it seems to me that Bush' numbers were always revised too, but upward. So I did a search at using Ace's URL, lo and behold, I remembered correctly. story after story of numbers revised upward, 8 years worth.

So not only were many people in the CIA, State Dept nd of course, those in the Dept of whoever is in charge of federal parks and land management fighting a war against Bush, there appear to be a bunch of people in the Dept of Commerce too.

No matter who's elected, lefties are very powerful in our gov't  and do all they can, even to the perversion of their duties, to get leftists elected.
That pisses me off.
h/t Veeshir

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