March 29, 2010

Okay, that's funny.

I followed a link from the puppy blender to here, a story I almost updated my previous, paranoid ranting, post with. It starts off slow but by the top of the second page you'll see more of what makes me think the way I do about Tsar Putin I. Notice where Ingushetia is, just north of South Ossetia.
That link led me to this post about this story (Yay! The point!)

So the post is at PJ's by Kim Zigfeld who's OUTRAGED! that Obama is having US troops march alongside British and Russian troops.
In Red Square.
She's upset because of the way Russia has been acting in the Caucusus, I'm with her on that. But Bush was just as bad or worse.
The Chechens weren't terrorists in 2001, they offered condolences to the US after 9/11 on more than one of their websites, including the official one, (don't go there, it's terrorist now). Bush went to Russia and totally threw them under the bus. It was some cold shit and it really pissed me off.
So it's too much to ask for Obama to act all upset. Especially after 9 years of Russian troops kidnapping civilians and returning their bodies for $thousands or just killing and raping (often in that order) and leveling a city of 500,000 people down to rubble. Reporters into the area die. One made it out with pics, I'll find the link on another computer, but they're brutal.

Personally, I think it's High-Larious with a capital HIGH that American troops are marching in Red fucking Square.
Ronnie Raygun and Patton are in a bar somewhere, downing a few boilermakers, laughing their asses off.

Good for Obama.
Imagine US troops going to Russia in full regalia?
That's funny.
Where am I wrong?

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