March 15, 2010

Oh, for fuck's sake ...

I'm not a big perfume user.  I shower regularly and use deodorant, thankyouverymuch; I don't need to douse myself in fragrance.  I also have terrible allergies, so that probably contributes to my no perfume stance.  Walking by a Bath & Body Works in the mall gives me a damn headache.

However, there are lots of women who won't walk out of the house until they've fully doused themselves in the shit, and I don't really care one way or the other.  If it makes you happy, go for it.  I try to avoid the super-smelly people, and, if I can't, I suck it up and deal.  Apparently, sucking it up and dealing like a mature adult is not an option any more if you work for the city of Detroit:

Change is in the air for Detroit city workers. City employees will be urged not to wear perfume, cologne or aftershave as a result of a settlement in a federal lawsuit.

Officials plan to place warning placards in three city buildings. The signs will warn workers to avoid "wearing scented products, including ... colognes, aftershave lotions, perfumes, deodorants, body/face lotions ... (and) the use of scented candles, perfume samples from magazines, spray or solid air fresheners."

The employee handbook and Americans with Disabilities Act training also will bear warnings.

Apparently, someone sued the city in '08 because all of the smelly perfume in the air made it difficult for her to do her job'n'stuff.  And she won, to the tune of $100,000.  Now, the super-well-off city of Detroit (hah!) has to spend cash on making signs that warn their employees not to smell nice.

I can't wait until someone with really bad B.O. sues the city because they've been told not to wear perfume at work.

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